“Save Papageno” has been taken down by Kickstarter.

I’m absolutely devastated. Kickstarter has taken down our campaign and we have lost everything. All of the pledges and rewards connected to our shop have vanished and Kickstarter has returned them to everyone who took part.

The reason for this is that a disgruntled viewer reported us, and as we weren’t clear in our description that we are filming a restoration documentary and wanted to get everyone involved in the project as a creative business going forward, Kickstarter took it down. This is irreversible.

I chose Kickstarter because it was for Creative Projects who wanted to go forward as businesses to create something special. I also liked that I could link my shop to every pledge so it in turn became a purchase with the shop.

But it all has fallen around my ears again.

I am sitting here at the table, desperately connected to wifi and trying to figure out how I can get around this. How can I get Papageno to succeed? My heart feels crushed and I have no idea what to do.

So this is my last stand. My last effort.

I am asking everyone who made a pledge through Kickstarter for a reward, to please go to my shop at https://www.earlewrites.com/shop to buy whatever it is you wish. I don’t think we will be able to raise the £7000 that we had managed, but my heart tells me that I have enough in me to try again.

I’m so shocked by what has happened that I feel numb. Just when I feel like everything could be ok and there is some light for me, things turn dark once again. I have two weeks to make this a reality.

This is our last stand.

Let’s do it together.

P.S- Edited an hour later- I started another crowdfunder if you wanted to see her progress. Fingers crossed this one works! https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/savepapageno-1

All of my love to you. x

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  1. Shastacc says:

    I gave Kickstarter a piece of my mind and then I sent you the same amount of the Kickstarter pledge through PayPal. Its a gift. No reward needed. I will go into the store now and buy the necklace that I wanted to gift to a friend. Onward…

  2. This is so devastating Liz!! My heart breaks for you. Fingers crossed everyone rally’s together again to help Papageno x

  3. Linda Nyquist says:

    I am doing the same, f***em! Linda Nyquist

  4. Craig says:

    That really sucks. Hope it works out for you.

  5. Jem says:

    GoFundMe is your ticket.

  6. kylepemrick@gmail.com says:

    I purchased some pendants. But honestly I just want you and papageno to move forward. kickstarter crap is bull shit. I was so pissed off when I saw there email. Aaaarrrrgh.
    Good vibes to you and Leela.

  7. Money sent again, Liz, more this time. Hang in there – we’re all in this together. Bill

  8. Nancie Scort says:

    Very sad. I will definately go to the store and surpass my pledge in orders. Stay strong, much support from a Canadian beginner sailor.

  9. knmcneil says:

    See Elizabeth you are loved and we shall help you get this done!!!

  10. Will Ahearn says:

    “Never give way to barbarians”

  11. Andrew Keir says:

    I also complained to Kickstarter and gave diect and a little more

  12. Rick says:

    Just put your PayPal out there, most just want to give, and see you succeed.

  13. Sasha47 says:

    Hi Liz! You shall get stronger after all these obstacles! Give a PayPal and will participate!
    Carry on!

  14. Hi Lizbef,
    I just don’t understand these nasty ********. I’m actually shocked that anyone could be so low and what it has to do with them in any case?
    Moneys coming your way now and don’t you worry about it, your doing the right thing.
    Absolute low lifes and Nasty ******** !!

  15. Ed says:

    I don’t do paypal, so, how can I help?
    I don’t do patrion either as it cost me $60 to pledge $100, go figure, so, how about your bank acc number – email me it, edsnijder at gmail dot com.
    Happy daz Liz, you are a friggen legend carrying on…..

  16. ldirk says:

    I can’t get that damned kickstarter to work for me! I’ll move on to paypal! Oh and I wish I knew who reported this becasue I would so get in their face!

  17. ldirk says:

    Please put your PayPal on here I don’t want a reward and dont have a visa or MC! I really want to help!

    1. Lizbef says:

      That means so much my friend, it’s PayPal.me/SVPapageno

  18. ldirk says:

    You can also get money via instagram. Check it out!

    1. Lizbef says:

      I didn’t realise that!

  19. Jeannie Greutert says:

    Lizbef, I can’t believe someone would have the audacity to do something like that!! Well, I bought twice what I donated the first time! I know that you and Laura and Leela will have many adventures!!

    1. Lizbef says:

      Thank you so so so much darling, sending so much love to you!

  20. Terry says:

    You go girl

  21. ToughLove says:

    You’ve got a plan for a few steps immediate steps.

    But do you have even an outline budget for getting Papageno fully seaworthy?

    From what you’ve shown in the videos, she’s going to need a lot more work to get her safe for open sea use, let alone the Atlantic crossing you have been talking of.

    You could easily be looking at another £20,000 plus a few thousand hours of unpaid hard work.

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