My Books

So here is a list of the books that I’ve written! See something you like? Quick- buy it now and help me buy some bread and bacon!

Follow Diane Stillman into the dark as she hunts her sister’s killer. She soons learns that to find the monster who destroyed her life, she will have to become the very thing she’s afraid of…
Fondness of rum? Check. Job heading nowhere? Check. Mastermind criminal boss discovering you have unravelled their plot? Check. Talking cat with an addiction to catnip deciding to take control of the situation? Check. Welcome to the lives and adventures of the ginger moggy Ben and his human, Ellie.
Ellena Blackwell has gotten herself into a lot of trouble recently. Getting shot, sending her boss to prison and oh yeah, that small matter of meeting a talking cat, Benedict. Things are about to get a whole lot more troublesome. Inheriting some property Ellena and Benedict travel to Devon to discover that along with the surfer shack, Craggys- they also receive the following debts. Unable to sell, Ellena is forced to try turning things around. But Ellena has attracted the unwanted attention from some very dangerous people and Brynn O’Connell, the overbearing Surfmaster of Craggys is determined to get involved. With her old flame Detective Calloway trying to convince her to leave Craggys, Ellena has to make a choice to stand up for what she believes in. Corruption, greed and an attempted murderer stand in her way, and soon Ellena finds that she and Benedict have to bite back to survive…r a caption
A lot has changed for Ellena Blackwell. Becoming business partners with Surf Master Brynn O’Connell over Craggy’s and discovering her childhood cat can talk are just a couple of things. When a body washes up to shore, the entire village of Craggy’s Peak is in shock, bringing back painful memories for Brynn. Escaping to London to escape his past, Brynn leaves Ellena with Benedict who decides it’s high time for another adventure. Following him to the capital, Ellena discovers a secret Brynn would rather she had never found out. Receiving a package from beyond the grave, Ellena and Brynn must stand united against the forces that threaten their very survival. But Ellena’s past is catching up with her, and when Brynn becomes entangled in the danger of her life, Ellena is forced to recognise that Brynn may mean more to her than she realised. With a killer on the loose and a talking cat determined to interfere with every aspect of her life, Ellena’s nine lives appear almost up…
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pirate? How about having your own ship and crew? You have? 
Join Captain Claw Paw on his whirlwind adventures, exploring new places, fighting sea monsters and finding treasure! 
Put on your eye patch, get your sword and fluff up your tail- Captain Claw Paw and his crew are about to take you on an epic adventure!
50% of all profits will be donated to Charlie’s Beach Hut.
“Never make a deal with a Hunter,” I murmured, settling down. “Never make a deal with a Hunter…” Unfortunately for Maddox Black, that’s exactly what she did. Thought dead for seven years, Maddox returns home to Greyport, intent on claiming her deceased father’s infamous travel journals. Before she can lay her hands on her inheritance, she discovers her drunkard cousin has already promised the journals to the Grim. To make things worse, the bankrupt Earl of Greyport is blackmailing her to race for them across the Damned Seas and a Hunter is knocking on her door, claiming she’s to join his Demon-exorcising Order. Running out of options, Maddox does the unthinkable and strikes a deal with the unnatural Hunter, leading her down a whirlwind of walking corpses, using dismembered fingers as currency, burning down plague ridden villages and bribed to find a mad prince’s kidnapped sister. To survive, she will have to become the very thing people feared her to be…

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