Finding a Canal Boat- on a tiny budget!

This episode kicks off the journey in finding a home on the water for me and Leela! But how do we do it on a tiny budget? Sign up as a patron for exclusive access, extras and blogs! Music


Beward of the “W” word!

Positive Plans & Crossed Paws for Leela

The days always start with a new hope now. It’s been a long time since I felt this content and I’m happy to carry on whichever way the path is taking me. I’m learning a lot about myself. I’ve got several plans going forwards. There’s always the risk when I leave Papageno to go home…

Going Further

So, you want to do it. You want to go for it. You want to walk your path. Maybe you’ve always known, or maybe you’ve just discovered this urge. Does it keep you awake? Does it scratch inside your mind?Me too. I think I knew from a very early age I wanted to be in…