The French Diaries: Part 11 “Finding Home.”

The last time I released a blog I had just bought a ticket to England. I’m feeling a whole maze of emotions right now as I sit by the fire and type. I feel contentment and yet I am not content. I feel peaceful and yet restless. I’m searching still but it’s different this time.

The French Diaries: Part 10 “The Call of Britain!”

  Images flew across my mind as I lay back on the bed, surrounded by pristine white walls. White sand beaches, deep blue waters, the flap of sails and the shouts of someone as they jumped in the water. I could almost feel the sun on my skin. Almost.

The Delos Diaries Podcast! Dreaming of Delos!

  It’s time to go back to the beginning with the release of The Delos Diaries Podcasts! If you want to learn more about SV Delos, head over to ! Thank you again SO MUCH for your love and support whilst I go on this adventure of mine. You can check out extra content…

The French Diaries: Part 5 “Lizbef finds a home!”

We met with Edouard’s brother and Nici at their apartment. I instantly felt incredibly welcomed by them both, sitting down, eating saucisson, drinking beers and exchanging stories until we were laughing. It was such an amazing feeling just knowing that we were starting somewhere. We wasted no time, making appointments for the very next day….

The French Diaries: The Beginning

Wow. It’s been one hell of a journey. I’ve been around the world from England, to Australia, to Africa, to the middle of the ocean and now I find myself once again in Europe- but this time I’m not in England. I’m in France. And those of you who have been following my journey will…

The Delos Diaries: Part 12 “It’s A New Day.”

The sun is beaming down on me on Delos as I sit with Alex and Brady on the back. I’m feeling very much at peace today, and relieved. It’s a new day. “Here you go, mate,” Brady says, clicking another button on his laptop. “There’s some good meditation on your phone now.” I take my…