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The Papageno Diaries: Episode 21 “Saying Goodbye to Papageno- FOR NOW!”

In this week’s episode, we pack up our beloved Papageno and move her to the Boat Yard to start her repairs! We fit in a float switch with Captain Holly from SV Another Adventure! As Laura and I prepare for our EPIC adventures in England with Leela, we look forward to the future of Papageno with MASTS in the New Year!

A big thanks to everyone who has followed our journey so far- we hope you will follow us to England!

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  1. Yahoo! You did it girls! Thank you for sharing all your adventures so far, will be following your story in England, and can’t wait to see Papageno with a full deck, masts and rigging to boot! Have a Merry Holiday with your families, you have the best of both worlds! Much love–Linda

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