The French Diaries: Episode 2 “Sailors and Kings!”


WOW! Edouard and I have been completely blown away by your response to our very first episode! Not only did we gain 2000 subscribers but we also got 11k views in one week! This is so beyond what we ever expected and we’ve been blown away by your messages of love, support and encouragement!

So here’s to you guys, who keep the wind in our sails and keep up motivated and full of hope for the adventure ahead!

We’ve got loads more details to share with you in an upcoming blog, but for now, enjoy our second episode!

Much love!

Lizbef and Edouard



Want to help the adventure? You can help towards our boat repair fund for new masts and rigging by donating here!Β 

You can also help us in this dream by signing up as a Patron. By doing so even for a dollar is a HUGE help. You also get to read early blog entries, extras and videos! Interested?Β Sign Me Up!

Psssst! We are also now on YouTube!

You can also check out myΒ books, visit myΒ shop of tees, pendants or my NEW section of limited edition art prints and original paintings. I hope you like! Much love!

Thank you as always! Lizbef x


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