Poison, Poison, Poison

I can feel it.

Taste it.

It’s in my bones, my blood, my breath.

I like it.

It’s chaos.

It burns twists and turns.

You see?

I see.

Forever isn’t long really.

Not really.

Eternity is longer.

Feels like it’s been going on a while now.

She’s got the moves, the grooves- you can see them in her skin, in the tiny rivets of blue. It’s called chaos.

You can smell it on her.

“I only wanted an adventure,” she murmurs, head tilted back, the flashing lights dancing on her skin, her eyelashes flashing white and black, white and black.

I only wanted….

The breath comes in and out, in and-


Out the door, her knees stagger, her vision burred.

This is what I wanted.

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