The French Diaries: Part 5 “Lizbef finds a home!”

We met with Edouard’s brother and Nici at their apartment. I instantly felt incredibly welcomed by them both, sitting down, eating saucisson, drinking beers and exchanging stories until we were laughing. It was such an amazing feeling just knowing that we were starting somewhere. We wasted no time, making appointments for the very next day. … Read moreThe French Diaries: Part 5 “Lizbef finds a home!”

The French Diaries: Part 2 “An Adventure in Paris!”

The days pass and I’m in a bit of a dream world.  My world has become a little surreal of late. A lot has happened since I first landed in Paris those four weeks ago.  The next few days was spent learning about the French culture and getting to know Edouard’s parents, Christine and Pascal … Read moreThe French Diaries: Part 2 “An Adventure in Paris!”

The French Diaries: Part 1. “Paris”

I stand in the airport, bewildered and stunned suddenly at the noise rushing around my ears. Faces hurry past me, families laughing, couples scowling and children yawning sleepily as the clock chimed past an hour they had never seen before. I hitched my rucksack higher on my shoulders, a multi-coloured blaze of glory that the … Read moreThe French Diaries: Part 1. “Paris”

The French Diaries: The Beginning

Wow. It’s been one hell of a journey. I’ve been around the world from England, to Australia, to Africa, to the middle of the ocean and now I find myself once again in Europe- but this time I’m not in England. I’m in France. And those of you who have been following my journey will … Read moreThe French Diaries: The Beginning