The Rising Shadow of Maddox Black- VIP Deluxe Package


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Each package contains a signed copy of The Rising Shadow of Maddox Black and secret surprise goodies!

Welcome to the long-awaited third installment of Maddox Black’s journey.

The Rising Shadow of Maddox Black

When summoning a demon, it is customary to owe a debt in return. But what if you found a list of demons that owed your family favours?
Reeling after revelations found in her father’s journals, Maddox Black cannot trust them with anyone. Least of all – Wulfrik’s order of Hunters.
Burdened by abilities to heal and drain life that grow stronger with each day – Maddox’s very existence upsets the balance of nature.
Discovering that the Grim intends to use her power to resurrect the Old King, Maddox and Wulfrik race towards the Bone Isles – a place the Grim cannot enter.
There, she will become a Hunter.
But Maddox is having doubts.
With the Grim’s war upon the twelve kingdoms now trickling into the Otherworld, Maddox finds herself tempted by that list of demons and their shadowy favours. Descending into the dark power inside her, she discovers terrible abilities – abilities that could secure her place on Wulfrik’s hunt list.
Facing ghosts from his past, their relationship is tested in turmoil and fire. And as the Grim closes in on Maddox, she and the Hunter are forced to face what truly lies between them.
Which might just be the biggest danger of them all…

Each book is signed by the author and includes a Limited Edition run of Maddox Black bookmarks

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