The Delos Diaries: Part 9 “Naked Dune Day.”

The morning comes and Brian is excited about another day of exploring.

“Ok, guys, there’s this dune we have to climb- it’s about a 3km walk there and then we climb the dune. So it’s probably about an hour and a half there and an hour and a half back. What you reckon?”

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She turned, ash falling hot on her fingertips. She turned slowly to the sound of that voice. She didn’t want to meet the gaze. Didn’t want to square her body up to that person’s. Yet she didn’t want to retreat. The coldness from stone seeped into her spine as she slowly took a breath. One. … Read moreSalt

An adventure of caves, abandoned mazes, and wine.

This has been a good week. I’ve celebrated my book release in Perth city and becoming a bestseller in Australia, I’ve been on a road trip, visiting ancient caves, stopping off at an abandoned maze, visited a lighthouse and driven down to the southern most point of Western Australia. I’ve been on an epic full … Read moreAn adventure of caves, abandoned mazes, and wine.


She thinks… It’s more than she can take. Her spine cracks under the pressure of forsaking various subtleties. Her mouth turns but she doesn’t feel the smile. Her eyebrow tilts but she holds back the full grimace. She can’t remember the last time it didn’t take effort. “What’s your name?” “Don’t touch me.” “You’re a … Read moreBurning