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Brought up in Warwickshire, I was very unhappy with reality. I can still remember the day when I found out the world map was the entire world- I had thought for years that it was only half, and that I would still have a chance of finding that mystical adventure that I had always dreamed of.

Finding solace in reading as many fantasy books I could lay my hands on, I then graduated from The Norwich School of Arts with a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and went on to publish 7 novels, Hell Huntress, The Girl with Nine Lives, The Girl who Bit Back, The Girl with Ten Claws, The Contract of Maddox Black, The Hunt of Maddox Black and The Rising Shadow of Maddox Black. 

But as the years went by and the jobs came and went, I still could not shake away the sensation of fear that chased my heels with every morning. I knew that I could not write such voyages and journeys for my characters and not set out on my own. 

And one day, it just happened.

I went from becoming crew on SV Delos in 2017 during their South Atlantic crossing from South Africa to Brazil, to buying my own sailboat in 2018 and renovating her in the Caribbean. Adopting a street dog would alter plans, so I returned home in 2019, choosing her over my sailboat (she hated sailing) and compromised with a 32ft canal boat. Now, we live on a historical narrowboat from the 1920’s called Maggie, writing, creating illustrations and filming videos. 


I love what I do and am passionate in encouraging others to go out there and find their storyline.

2023 will be bringing my historical tour around the UK, as I discover more about the people who worked on ‘The Cut’ and find more about the people who were the first inhabitants of Maggie in the 1920’s.

I hope you stick around to find out! Find my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/earlewrites

Big Love,

Lizbef & Leela x x x


  1. Hey Lizbif, even tho you saw a world map of the whole world. just remember, there are still many little small places that need to be found. and searching for them in some peoples mind is an adventure all to it self.
    So pick a direction, open the sails, and let your since of not knowing, what is over the next horizon be your guide.

    1. I remember seeing a wall map in the classroom of an East-West language school that showed the world centered around Japan. What’s this… a world view not centered around the USA. It blew my mind. I’ve been lucky to travel the world for business and pleasure and being retired now is the best. My wife and some friends are returning to Rarotonga in the South Cook Islands in May. Happy travels.

  2. Hi Liz. Im a Canadian…but my mom is from England and my fathers side is from Scotland. So, I can relate to your love of England and tea! I stared to read you while on Delos and you definitely have a gift. Good luck on your life’s adventures. Be very patient and kind to yourselves as you experience the highs and lows that every journey reveals; the destinations will come in time!

  3. And this is how I found out that you left Delos?! 🙂
    You don’t just simply announce that, there should be preparations, guidance, emergency instructions….

    For some reason (being lazy I guess) I was only watching youtube videos and never checked the blogs…

    (I apologize for any grammatical errors)

    Wish you all the best in your endeavors,

    1. Hey there!! Aww it’s OK! I’ll be seeing them in the Caribbean real soon! I head over in May with Edouard! I’m hoping if I give Brian enough rum he’ll fix my boat… Haha! Much love to you!!

  4. Bloody hell! I was addicted when I found Delos videos, now I gotta catch up on your excellent writings! With your spirit I look forward to your sailing videos!

  5. I will miss you on Delos. Everyone needs a proper British n their life. I also really love the tag at the end of the videos. “Write your own story”. I teach grades 9-12 here in the states and I need to figure out how to build a lesson around that for them, I think it is something we all should do.


  6. I have to admit Liz, I was really bummed when I first found out you were not going to be in the future Delos videos any longer. I love your sense of humor and personality. I found myself looking forward to the new videos to see what kind of goofyness, if that is even a word, you would be up to next. I was hoping you would stay on Delos and sail up the east coast of the US and I could meet you, and the rest of the Delos crew of course.
    Now that you have your own boat and will be sailing, I have a destination you can visit. Hint hint. Haha! Look forward to your adventures!

  7. From a cold corner of a mountain, I see a beautiful butterfly float through the air and I am delighted in the beauty and the wondrous colors of what I am seeing… This beautiful butterfly seems to dance effortlessly, sparkling in the cascading light from a day yet to begin, but has begun. Scared where the next whisp of air may lead, this beautiful and courageous creature bravely takes each flap of her wings, moving forward through the air, mysteriously compelled by the inexplicable need to find the next whisp of wind and the adventure that awaits. If I could cradle this fragile creature in my hands for only a brief moment, I would hope to somehow tell her….go fearlessly into the wind, that’s what butterflies do. They go where the wind leads them. Even for butterflies, there is a plan…

    Go bravely into the wind, it’s what you are meant to do. 🙂

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