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Going Further

So, you want to do it. You want to go for it. You want to walk your path. Maybe you’ve always known, or maybe you’ve just discovered this urge.

Does it keep you awake? Does it scratch inside your mind?
Me too.

I think I knew from a very early age I wanted to be in charge of my destiny. I wanted to dictate what I was going to spend the years of my life doing- not someone else.
When I was a child, there had never been any doubt that I would make it. Of course, I would travel, write and paint. It was all I ever wanted to do. I grew up reading Lord of the Rings and C.S Lewis and hundreds of other fantastical books.

“You’ll never make it as a writer,” my family would tell me.

Won’t I?

I remember being determined and defiant with those words, echoing them over and over in my mind as I set upon a path of living out my ambition and proving them all wrong. I remember having a guidance counselor come into our school and picking out the profession best suited for us.

Do you know what I got?

A vicar.

There I was after a ten-minute discussion and that was the profession that was deemed more appropriate for me. I think I was eleven years old, and I realised with a shock how much of a sham it all was. How could someone else tell me what I was supposed to do?
And although I’m nowhere near a house of God, I’d like to think that I can help lead and give guidance to you when and if you need it. I was a teenager when I decided I wanted to become an English teacher. Mostly because my school was so bad that I was sure I could do a better job than my English teacher. And also because it was the closest career I could think of to writing.
I went to college to study a Diploma in Fine Art and then graduated from University with a 2:1 in Creative Writing and became an English Lecturer at a college. And you know what?
I hated it.

I loved the students but I hated that their worth was valued on a points system. So, I quit and gave it all up, sure that I would make it one day.
The pride my family had for their English Lecturer daughter fell. I was a waitress again. I had “lost my way.”

But I didn’t feel lost. I was writing more than ever, going from job to job, quitting when I hated it and moving onto the next adventure, still writing and then I began to paint again.
I knew I would make it. Because there was no choice. There was no alternative. There was no going back.

It was listening to an Alan Watts talk that spurred me on even further. Asking the listener what would they like to do with their life?

And that is what this new EarleWrites Project is going to be about.

What about Papageno? I hear you say. Well, to be a good Captain, I need to earn more money to complete her restoration. That means making EarleWrites a success. Going forwards. Fighting hard. I think it’s about time I invested some time and energy into myself until I return this year with a new crew.

And as we’re on this journey together, I’m going to sharing with you guys some of the tricks I’ve learned.

What do YOU want to do with your life? Where do YOU want to go? What do YOU want to achieve?
Whether you want to start your own Creative Business, need to get over negative family members or friends, are looking for courage in the shadows of doubt- I’m here for you.
I’ll be covering things such as:

-Starting Out- What do I need to do?

-Travelling and Working on the Go

-Buying a Boat for the First Time

-Writing Books, Approaching Agents, Social Media and Going it Alone as an Indie Author.

-Illustration and how to market your Business

-How to use Social Media to your advantage with nearly every business
-Self Belief and Going Forwards

If you have any other subjects that you would like me to cover- let me know! I love hearing your suggestions and comments!

While doing these podcasts, I’ll also be focusing on YOUR self-worth, confidence, and self-belief. I’ll be making sure that you know that it’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to have a day off. It’s ok to be HUMAN while you’re doing all of this. We’re going to figure this out together.

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  1. It’s almost a bit eerie to read your words. It feels like my own writing with the difference of some details to replace.
    I am happy that you have the strength to make your own path, something too few have, and that should be adressed more. I myself am on a similar quest for life and I get a tiny bit happier as a person every time I find someone who dares to be a bit crazy and do things differently.

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