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Papageno is open for CREW!

Papageno is open for CREW!

It’s happening! It’s began. The reality of going back.

I have a friend who is joining me March 20th called Tommy. He’s an electrician from my hometown and I’ve known him for 14 years. He’s an absolute brother to me.

I am taking on 3 more crew besides this. Two experienced crew to help me re-learn the ropes and an extra person for added assistance, so I’m happy to hear from people from all levels!

I am planning in leaving Martinique late March to explore the rest of the Caribbean. This covers St Lucia, possibly Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. 

After our first season of travelling with Papageno, Laura, Edouard and I faced obstacle after obstacle in our way. We learned hard lessons and found that life on Papageno was full of dizzying highs and lows.

Near the end of November when I was preparing to leave Papageno to return to England, I always swore that when I returned, I was going to make it the most fun and amazing experience I could. I was going to smile, laugh, swim and explore. I was going to learn my boat in and out. 

I was going to make it the experience I always wanted it to be.

I will be going back the end of February to prepare the boat for people to come onboard. My wishes for the future crew would be that everyone got on well, pulled together and worked hard, didn’t mind that things weren’t perfect on Papageno but were happy to try and make her the best she could be, would be happy to learn from each other and would be outgoing and fun.

Crew Requirements

– Have experience in sailing, as I would like to follow your example and learn from you

– Be easy going and hardworking

– Be a team player

– Friendly and thoughtful

– Can cook, as we will all be taking it in turns

– Tidy- it will be a small space we will be living in and I would like everyone to live harmoniously together

– Be up for an adventure!

– Be aware that Papageno is 50 years old and is rough around the edges!

– Be happy to pick up a camera and get stuck in with filming and the day to day chores that keep Papageno running!

I also want a mixed sex crew, so it’s really important to me that everyone feels valued and respected. Everyone is equal on Papageno and I want everyone to have an incredible experience. Papageno can sleep 8 people in full capacity- 3 couples and 3 singles. But for this journey, 4/5 will be enough.

So, if you’re up for 2-4 weeks travelling the Caribbean, can pay for your own flights and beer, are responsible and would like to be part of the Papageno Restoration Project, get in touch!

Application Requirements:

-Just send me a 3 min or less video to with a bit about yourself, any valid experience and why you would like to join us!

-Email Subject Line- Papageno Crew!

Video Deadline 31st January 2019.

More info will be released on YouTube tomorrow! Stay tuned at !

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