The British Diaries The Papageno Diaries!

The British Diaries: Episode 1 “The BEGINNING.”

In this episode, my friends come to pick me up from France, we travel to England and I finally get my first ever apartment solo!
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Olde English: Maddy
Just do: Martin Carlberg
Mountain downhill: Niclas Gustavsson
Good to you: Led Monster
Someday i’ll wait: Origo


Papageno Bracelet!

Join the Papageno Clan with one of our handmade bracelets! Inspired Papageno’s story in Mozart’s famous Opera, as well as the wanderlust spirit it is to fly away and be free, we wanted to create something simple, bright and connected to our story. Each bracelet sold goes towards fixing our wounded Papageno ready to be out on the water! Free shipping with all orders!



“Let’s talk about Kevin.” Limited Edition Print

Limited edition high quality art print of watercolour painting done by salty sailor of SV Delos Elizabeth! Well you guys voted on his name! Here’s Kevin, the octopus- one of my favourite ink drawings with watercolours. I love watching David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and whenever he speaks about these creatures, my eyes are glued to the screen! I’m not saying I’d like to swim with one- but wow! They are amazing creatures! Printed on high quality Marseille 300gsm aquarelle paper. Dimensions: 21cm x 29.7cm


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  1. It was all written in advance!
    You are better off by yourself (and Leela of course).
    He was better with his bio potatoes and cabbages rather than to meet you in Paris!!
    As always, friends are there when needed!
    Now you are your own Master, you can go walking when you wants to (and mostly when Leela wants!), you can paint when you want and what you want, you can meet who you want when you want. Freedom is essential, friendship is necessary, love is a flash of happiness which, fortunately or not, doesn’t last forever.
    Lisa, don’t turn away of your Papageno project! Keep it as focus point, she will give you oh so many many pleasant moments, such happiness and will fulfil you with everything the best this world can offer you! You are a nice person an you deserve it!
    Hope to cross your way at sea sometimes…
    Very best wishes and regards
    Say “Wharfff” to Lena

  2. Hi Lisbeth,

    Wondering when the paintings from the donation on crowdfunding will be coming? It is a Christmas present for my husband. So glad to see things are going well for.

  3. Great. Hope it comes together for you.
    If I can offer a suggestion, if you want to learn to sail, join a yacht club and do some dinghy racing. Every yacht club I’ve ever sailed out of has had crew openings for enthusiastic crew, no experience necessary. You will learn more about sail trim and sail handling, tacking angles, mark rounding and a million other things in a week than you will in a keelboat. And it’s tremendous fun.
    Pick one with a good bar!

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