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Absence and Beginnings

Lizbef returns to Papageno!

It’s peaceful and cold tonight. I’m sitting wrapped up in blankets feeling exhausted and trepidatious. You see- I’m going back to Papageno tomorrow.

It’s a strange thing to be going back alone. I returned to Europe, hoping beyond hope that my “situation” was a temporary one and Edouard and I could walk off into the sunset together.

The thing is, we both did just that but not side by side.

It’s bazaar to think we are on separate paths.

The realisation hits me in the worst moments.

I spent the day with my mother and sister today in Solihull. I realised as I was standing there, watching my mum pay for some shoes that I was leaving tomorrow.


I blinked, once, twice, three times, trying to clear my vision.

“Are you all right?” my sister asked, seeing my face.

I nod and walk out of the shop. I was not all right. And then in front of the busy shopping centre, I tried to find a corner, somewhere to hide my face. I felt their eyes crawling over my skin as I attempted to wipe my eyes and pretend nothing was happening. But every time I turned there was people.

You failed, a voice said inside my head. You will go back alone. You will be on that plane alone. You will return to that boat without him. And when you walk inside, all you will feel is the deep emptiness that Papageno now is without him. He is not there.

I could see myself walk through the boat, pausing at the photograph of us both on the doorframe. It was of our first night together on Delos. Would I remove it?

It would hurt to peel it off. The absence of it a glaring patch of nothing as I walk past, demanding I stare at it each time, remembering why I have removed it. Remembering that night.

I woke up two nights ago dismayed at myself as I looked at my hand. Last year, my friend of fifteen years separated from his wife. He had been telling me how hard it was for him to take off his wedding ring, that his hand felt off-balanced somehow without it. I gave him my silver ring that I had bought from St Helena, wanting to give him something that would remind him of his friends and make him smile.

Two nights ago, we sat in a friend’s house side by side with a beer. We had a few that night actually. Maybe more than a few.

“Mate, I need you to do a favour for me,” I said, looking down at my right ring finger. When I had landed in Brazil, I had bought another silver ring. It was simple, plain and with a small shell in the centre. I wore it on my left hand on my ring finger as a sign of my dedication to Edouard. I wanted no one else. I wanted that to be clear. It was also a reminder to me of my journey, of my evolution and of how Edouard and I met in such a magical way.

It was sacred to me.

The day before I flew back to Paris, I pulled it from my finger. It had blackened from the dirt from our work on Papageno and probably because I never took it off.

“Maybe it’s a sign,” Laura had pointed out when I showed her.

Maybe it was. But I didn’t want to say so. It felt like as soon as I said it, it would become true. That the Universe would hear me somehow and manifest my words.

The white band of freshly exposed skin stared out at me accusingly. The absence of it even starker a reminder than wearing the ring. I went to put it in my bag and hesitated, staring at it.

I wanted to be resolved. I wanted to be strong.

I took another breath and put it on my right hand instead. I wanted to make that motion before I saw him. I wanted to prepare myself. Because the idea of doing it after saying goodbye seemed more painful than anything else.

“What’s the favour?” Deakin asked me, jolting me back into the moment.

I took a breath and pulled off the ring, twirling it in the light. During the first two days in France with Edouard, it had become shining bright again, all signs of blackened metal gone.

I had thought it was a sign when it shone again.

But it wasn’t.

“I need you to take care of this for me,” I said, passing it to him. “And I need you to give me back my St Helena ring to wear. For a time. I want to look at my ring and be reminded of my friends. It hurts to look at this one.”

He took it, grumbling slightly that he liked the one he had and then made a little sound of delight when it fit a smaller finger.

“And then we’ll swap again when the time is right,” I reassured him.

An hour later, I tried to take it back, the absence of it on my hand screaming at me. My St Helena ring seemed dazed and confused.

Why am I here? It seemed to protest.

And all I could see when I looked at it, wasn’t the memories of climbing hills with Delos and swimming in the ocean. It wasn’t the moonlit dingy missions from the pub back to the boat, or drinking wine under the stars. None of that. None of the joy, the laughter or the accomplishment I had felt, when I had finally realised that I was healing with my Delos family.

All I saw was the reason why I decided to wear it again. And all I felt was pain.

Deakin batted my hand away three or four times.

“No Liz,” he warned me. “You’re not having it back. You’ve asked me to do something and you’re going to wear that one.”

“But it doesn’t feel right!”

He slapped my hand again. “No! Get down!”

The next morning, I woke up wrapped in sheets and hugging a pillow. Then I remembered what I had done.

The curled lines of my St Helena ring stared back at me. The stone had fallen out sometime in Ascension Island, the hole in the centre staring out at me indignantly.

Well, we’re stuck with each other now, it seemed to mutter in resentment.

And here I am now. Wrapped in blankets, thinking about doing this very simple walk onto the plane.

So simple. And yet it feels so significant. It’s the start of a new journey. And I had no idea it would turn this way. I had no idea that I would be walking alone.

And I’m so sorry for sharing this outpour of hurt this evening. I’m being honest. Because it feels so monumental. To be doing this without him. Without this incredible human being who hugged me when I was sad, made me crepes in the morning and rejoiced in the things that made me different. This human who made me want to be a better person in every way. His absence in my life is as if someone has fractured and broken the ribs around my heart, leaving a hole behind. The absence is like a castle without a moat. A person in winter without a coat. A house with no roof.

Unprotected. Vulnerable.

I will have to take the love I have for him and put it towards myself. To mend those hurts. To take things slowly.

I’m proud of myself.

I have love for myself.

But sometimes I falter in my direction. I miss a step. I trip. And the hurt comes back. I remember how it was. I think of my mistakes. I think about what I could have done.

How could I have made things better? Made them last?

But none of that matters now. Because it’s all too late. I’m already thrown myself down the rabbit hole and all I can do is dust myself off, acknowledge that it’s hard and painful right now and that is ok.

That I am not weak for faltering. For feeling.

I will take this journey one step at a time, eyes focused on the horizon as Papageno and I rise from the ashes together. I will learn. Grow. And I know it’s going to be hard. But, I have to go on. I know I have to go on.

Because in the end, it’s ok.

And if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.


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  1. WOW! that was beautiful. Your honesty is so truly heartwarming….. Only forward. We are all flawed. Be so proud of yourself. Cheers

  2. My all time favourite quote “it will be all ok in the end, if it isn’t, it’s not the end”
    Strength & wisdom my friend

  3. Elizabeth….I wish you could see how much you are loved by those of us who follow you. Do not doubt yourself. You are learning the lessons of life that will allow you to grow and move forward. Yes your heart hurts but in time the pain will fade. If I was there I would just wrap my arms around you and give you the biggest hug. But a virtual hug will just have to do. Grandma hugs again to you.

  4. Hang in there lady. It’s hard to fight pain…so don’t. Feel all the feelings. It’s part of grieving for the path and person you miss. After a while the bitterness will turn bittersweet, then as you go further along your new path, all that will be left is the sweetness of the memories you have.

    You SHOULD be very proud of yourself. You’ve accomplished so much, grown so much, and amazingly are brave enough to share it with the world. Even the parts that hurt. The fact that you are headed back to Papageno and toward your new goals (I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re SO excited at the prospect of following your longboat adventure….or really any adventure you choose to take!) even still feeling raw and sad speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. A lesser person couldn’t do it, couldn’t see this closed door as a new one opening elsewhere, and wouldn’t be wise enough to direct feelings of lost love toward themself. You are strong, and brave and fabulous. And we love you.

    Lastly, I have to correct you on one thing. You are the castle AND the moat. You are the person AND the jacket. You are the house AND the roof. No one else completes you and you are enough and complete and whole without ANYONE. You haven’t lost a part of yourself and can’t ever lose yourself unless you define who you are by the presence or absence of another person. I’m sure you know that. Because you’re brilliant. But just wanted to remind you anyway. Because solidarity 🙂 Your moated castle and jacketed person and roofed house don’t need anything except for the right person to admire and appreciate and cherish them in all their glory.

    PS. You should write a children’s book. And illustrate it. I teach first grade and I would LOVE a children’s book to read to my students about a girl who ventures the sea and travels to far away and amazing places. Your watercolors and drawings would be so beautiful. Just a thought for if you’re ever feeling inspired <3

    Now go take care of you.

  5. Ahh, Lizbef of Earl, there is a party waiting for you back on Papageno!! Don’t forget the hats and kazoos!! The rest will take care of itself!XOXO from all of your fans and cheerleaders!

  6. I know that you are hurting and in tge process of healing. I am happy tgat you are trusting in your abilities. However, one thing that you said got me to thinking. You said, “what did I do wrong?” Why do you feel that you did anything wrong? You had a dream. Edouard was aware of that dream. He went along with it leading you to believe that it was a shared dream. He could have said, “I don’t want to live on a boat.” Before you ever followed through with the purchase. Maybe he thought that is what he wanted at first and then realized that it wasn’t his dream after all. But, in my eyes you did nothing wrong in following your dream. Ask yourself this, “If I hadn’t tried, would I always wonder, what if?”

  7. No worries mate, everything is going to be all right soon. I know it hurts now, but will pass and you will survive, reborn better than ever, If need a friend, Ilhabela and Brazil well come you. Kisses. Claudio.

  8. the best a person has to give is enough not to forever despise the new day that has been given, that this day requires the best, in order that tomorrow will have no regrets…blessings on your journey lizbeth…m

  9. Dear Lizbef alway two are part of a couples journey and don,t hurt youself askig what you have done wrong! Nothing ! You have TRIED. MORE IS NOT POSSIBLE. Warm greetings and all thd Best Kerstin

  10. Get back to the boat and go from there. Laura and you can make plans after you’ve had some time to settle. Maybe you can meet up with Delos while they’re near. Get some advice and assess the damages. The path will come to you. Get back to creating content, writing, art. Use this time that you have while being supported by your Patreon and Kickstarter supporters. We’d all like to see your story progress… wether it be to continue refurbishing Papageno or the longboat in England. Ask yourself what you truly want and where do you see yourself in five years.

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