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The Papageno Diaries: Episode 6 “St Maarten, a Day off and a Cuppa Tea!”

Everything seems to be looking up! Thank NEPTUNE! With a day off and a cup of tea, our hearts and bellies are full! YAAAS!

We’re feeling good, Papageno Clan! Edouard and I finally arrive in St Maarten, where we start some more repairs for Papageno to prepare for our latest crew member, Laura! We allow ourselves a day off, and actually manage to get our kitchen going! We’re finally getting to the point where Papageno is feeling more and more like a home- an English woman HAS to have her cup of tea in the morning now, doesn’t she?

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The Alphabet Song: Tommy Glass

Ocean Soul: Kira Lynn Sands (

Blue in the Face: Tommy Glass

Dreaming of the Bow: Kira Lynn Sands (

Wind in the sails and booze in the belly: Kira Lynn Sands (

Olde English: Maddy Dickerson ( Cape Horn: Tommy Glass

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  1. Greatest respect to you Liz after all this time since Cape Town, but I’m having more trouble understanding what you are saying. Especially when you are fatigued, enunciation seems to be falling off variously. I’ve not noticed this in the many videos in the past as I think I can handle your accent fine (I did-int even need the sob-titles in the Delos videao 😳)

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