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The Papageno Diaries: Episode 2 “Starting work on Papageno!”

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We attempt to do our very best on Papageno, working as hard as we can to get her into the yard! We installed a depth reader, spent just about ALL of our money preparing to anti-foul her, and sweated every ounce of fluid we had into the burning Caribbean sun! BUT- we had fun!

Hope you guys enjoy this! Love Lizbef, Edouard and Papageno! x

Music: Summer Jazzy Frenchy
Jahzzar: Vanlig (
Jahzzar: Roads that burned our boots (

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  1. I’m so excited to see the journey the two of you are embarking on. Your blogs and videos are really exciting to read and watch for those of us strapped with kids and land locked life, We’re living vicariously through you.

    Myself and my partner both had the same reaction you did when we stumbled upon SVDelos’ YouTube channel we’ve both daydreamed about dropping it all and actually living in the wild.

    I guess I missed the information about your work, are you freelancing, in what capacity is that in, design, travel writing?

    I’m so stoked I can watch your combined journeys and the enormous milestones you two are reaching.

  2. I have started reading your new book it’s already great by page one. About the boat, you’re doing great. Make sure you use 5200 for fittings under water and butyl tape for fittings above water on deck and windows. Watch Follow the Boat on utube on using butyl tape.

  3. Wow! Leaving NCM tomorrow. Impressive amount of work. Proud of you. Best of luck and have a safe voyage. Jon

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