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NEW EPISODE! The French Diaries: Episode 9 “Showing a Frenchman what England is all about!”


Here is it guys! There’s just one week to go of The French Diaries and then The Papageno Diaries begin! It’s been an awesome journey so far and really crazy looking back at our time, waiting, planning and wishing. Nothing could have prepared me for what we have been doing! We’ve been working so hard and I can’t wait to show you how far Papageno has come already. We hope to get her in the water in a matter of days!

This was one of my favourite episodes to date, mainly because we were with two of my best friends. It was so wonderful being able to show Edouard the places that I love in England, and it was just the experience we needed before we said goodbye to Ol’ Blighty!

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Lizbef and Edouard x


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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I hope you are fine and dandy. I’m a Delos follower and when I found out that you were leaving the boat I thought it was a real shame, as your sense of humour and your bubbly personality had an important weight during all those month that you were onboard, for me the best Delos episodes ever (and I’ve watched all of them). So I had a look to see if you were going to keep video logging your new adventures and I got excited when I found out that in fact you were going to! But there is a problem: you need to learn to record videos… honestly, the content, the image and the sound quality are not good enough. I’ve waiting for weeks to see some improvements but nothing….you got a camera but the episodes are still dreadful. On the top of that, you are the main character, meaning you should be on camera, not the camerawoman because is boring. Your partner could do that, but first buy a camera stabilizer for God’s sake! And then take some online trainings about video editing and pay special attention to the sound because is the most important thing and it is missing…didn’t you learn anything during your stay at Delos or watching its episodes? I hope my feedback is useful to you. I just pretended to help and to enjoy your videos. Wishing you all the best, Ana.

  2. *note: English is not my mother tongue, I wanted to say I just look forward to help and to enjoy your videos (not pretend! Lol)

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