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NEW VIDEO! SV Papageno Update: Part 2!

NEW VIDEO! A SV Papageno Update!

Hope you enjoy, guys! a little update into what has been going on, plans with Papageno and just a few thoughts on how this YouTube stuff is all going!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support! It means more than you could ever know. We’re so excited to head off! We can’t believe this is happening. We’re beyond happy.

All of our love,

Lizbef & Edouard x


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Thank you as always! Lizbef  and Edouard x

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  1. Hi Lizbef,
    Loved watching you on Delos and loving your videos so far. Can’t believe you’re getting any haters – those people suck. Completely understand what you mean about the 9:5 slowly destroying your soul – my husband and I have come to the same conclusion and people like you and the Delos crew have inspired us to get a boat, start cruising Australia and get our priorities right! Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey! So glad your enjoying the videos.
      Cruising Australia will be so amazing! There are so many beautiful places to see! I’m really chuffed for you!
      Fair winds to you love x

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