The Lizbef Podcasts! Part 3: “We Bought a Boat!”

New Podcast! The Lizbef Podcasts: Part 3 "We Bought a Boat!"


It’s time to make a cuppa, sit back and listen to the latest update on us buying a boat, because, well… WE BOUGHT A BOAT! Oh yeah- we’re now on YouTube, so feel free to subscribe!

Thank you again SO MUCH for your love and support whilst I go on this adventure of mine. You can check out extra content and support me at !

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  1. I assume that you watched the Delos episodes when in Thailand, where they also replaced the rigging. Perhaps you might be able to persuade Brian and Brady to fly in and provide cheap labor if and when you are ready to do that.

    Also, are you financing the initial purchase, or just using available personal funds?

    Good luck. I will faithfully follow your adventure.

    1. Hey man! We decided to not go for the loan, so it’s our savings and monthly income! Yeah! I watched that episode! I remember thinking at the time “Thank God I’ll never have to do anything like that!”

      Lo’ and behold!

      Luckily they’ll be in the Caribbean the same time as me! I’ll try bribe Brian with some rum!

      Thank you so much for the support. That means a lot! X

  2. Welcome to the money pit that is owning an ancient sailing boat. Check out the Saillife YouTube channel, Mads who runs it is currently doing up a 38ft boat. I’ve included a link to his channel and to a random video of his, but his video’s
    a/ make you not scared to have a go
    b/ cover a lot of the pit falls
    c/ are quite amusing
    He covers most things on a boat from simple to major projects and has some good links
    Random video –
    Like most mature YouTube channels, his early video’s can be ignored at 1st.
    Good luck

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