The French Diaries!

Greetings from Edouard!

You must have heard about me through Lizbeth’s diaries, it’s probably the time to introduce myself. 

I grew up in a small town close to Paris called “Bouffémont”, I had a normal youth, raised in a beautiful place with a lovely family and true friends.

I started working as a boat builder when I was 20 years old, specialising in the composite materials. For my career I went to the South of France in the famous yardship of “La Ciotat”, I was project manager in the construction of massive yachts.

But after a few years I was a bit overwhelmed by the routine, by the sedentary lifestyle. I decided to quit my job and leave my settled life for the adventure.

I spent six years on the road, trying to experience as much as possible: sometimes spending my winters in a skiing station, sometimes working in the farms or sailing on old wooden ships. I started to travel in different countries, many times in South America, Asia and more than a year in the Pacific Islands. I started to organise solidarity projects to create a link between the people, spread love and give hope.

Last year, my good friend Vincent started a sailing trip from France to Brazil, he asked me to join him in Argentina.

We started in Buenos Aires with his father and a friend, in May 2017. We followed the Brazilian coast and continued our road to Ascension Island. You know already what happened in this special place…

I met this amazing person called Elizabeth, THE English woman. 

My philosophy was, “no plan, is the plan. Live the moment.” 

But with her I started to imagine the future and we started to speak about September.

Now, I’m settled with this lovely woman in Marseille, spending sweet days and enjoying the French lifestyle.

 We’ve got many projects, we both love writing and exploring the world. The future is very exciting!

I just wanted to thank all of you for your support and your energy. It is very rewarding to know that we are on the good way.

 We will continue the adventure, with our eyes wide open and wear our hearts on our sleeves.




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  1. Bonjour Edouard!!
    Salutations de Vancouver Canada!!
    Thank you for dropping in, to introduce yourself !! So nice to learn a little bit about the man making Lizbeth so happy!! I think we are all enamoured by your two’s love story!! 💓
    Looking forward to hearing more about adventures together!! 😉

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