She thinks…

It’s more than she can take.

Her spine cracks under the pressure of forsaking various subtleties. Her mouth turns but she doesn’t feel the smile. Her eyebrow tilts but she holds back the full grimace. She can’t remember the last time it didn’t take effort.

“What’s your name?”

“Don’t touch me.”

“You’re a snob.”

“I don’t owe you anything.”

She twists through the crowds, the music pressing down on her eardrums. She thought at first she was enjoying herself. She thought she could lie to herself. Distract herself. Find a new chaos.

The drums are beating, a woman’s heartbroken voice sings out. She can feel the jagged pieces of it cascade around the walls, piecing into her chest, allowing the blackness to drip out from her ribs.

Everyone will see…

It’s all a bit much.

She blinks and the earth moves. She blinks again and finds herself outside, surrounded by more warm bodies.

It’s all a bit much this…


She never knew how many pennies her head was worth. Never knew how much the bounty would be.

Penny for your thoughts.

She bought a temporary solution in a bar that offers bitter gold and a salted tongue. She turns and watches the statue of the Holy Mary wait for her, hands outstretched, forgiveness and salvation promised.

Promise me…

You lied, she wants to hiss back at holy eyes. You lied.

It’s all a bit much…

This burning.

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